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Fitness Programming for All Levels

I am so


Let me introduce myself...

Hey there, I'm Caroline!! :)

I specialize in training women of all ages looking to regain control of their bodies while also building strength for day to day life.

I can honestly say that I absolutely love what I do!

Here's a piece of my story... I hope it gives you a glimpse into what fuels my passion!

When I was 17 years old, I experienced my first Grand Mal Seizure. It left me feeling extremely weak, like my body was no longer my own. The weakness felt after a seizure is unexplainable and an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. As my life continued to unfold, I continued to grow more and more passionate about movement and building strength. I wanted to learn more about how our brains and muscles work together so I could better understand the compensations I could so easily feel in my own body. My left side felt doomed to a life of uncoordinated weakness and I was desperate to learn how to fix it. Not only to help my own body, but to help others too.

You see, my own fitness journey began before my seizures ended. I'm so grateful to say that I've been seizure free for over 5 years now, but that wasn't always the case. I remember the struggle of trying to find fitness programs that I could do. The best answer for me was getting exercises from a Sports Doctor. I very clearly remember him because he understood where my body was at. He seemed to 'get it' when no one else did.

It was then that I knew my experiences would set me apart as a Trainer. That my certificates would make me knowledgeable, but my experiences gave me the ability to relate on a level that is incredibly rare in the fitness industry.

I get it. I've been weaker than most can imagine, too many times.

My legs have crumbled beneath me. I've cried tears of defeat, and then tears of triumph. I once believed, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would never run again. Ever.

Today, I can run. :)

My hope is for you to know that you can find your strength again.

You deserve to have a body that feels strong & capable.

You are never too far gone.

Whether you're starting from scratch, starting from the beginning, or searching for a way to continue, I can help you.

Let's work together to bring you back. 

Training Options


Virtual Group Classes

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Experience 3 online strength classes taught LIVE each week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6:15 AM *adt*.

 Access each 30 minute class live OR recorded so you can crush your training at any time!!

When you purchase this membership, you'll also receive access to an exclusive, uplifting, accountability group on Facebook where we do a special giveaway at the end of each month & you get regular encouragement & tips from me, your Trainer. :)

1:1 Training

Purchase a Personal Training Membership to get a program that I create specifically for you.

We start where you’re at & I progress your exercises as you progress. You get regular encouragement/check-ins & a guided work out once a week to help keep you on track.

We truly work together.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start or how to progress, if you feel like you need more support to be consistent, this membership is for you

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“Working with Caroline has been a journey unlike any other fitness experience I've had. She's motivating, encouraging and inspiring each and every class. Some people are born leaders and Caroline is definitely one of them!!"

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Caroline is Certified through NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).

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